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Many of our classes and workshops are designed in such a way that you might want to continue to practice the skills you learn in class. To facilitate this in a cost effective way we have added an "Alumni Registration" rate to a selection of our classes. These classes are listed below. Please use the RSVP option to reserve your spot and we will charge you on the day of class for studio time ($10/hour as of 2/1/15) and materials.

**NOTE** Alumni Rates are not guaranteed. We must have a total of 2 NEW registrations for a class to be eligible for alumni attendance. If you RSVP as an alumni and there are not 2 other NEW students registered in class you will be notified and given the option to register for another session or be able to take the class paying our $15/hour assisted studio fee.



Beeswax Collage 101
Acrylic Background 101
Juicy Papers
Juicy Collage
Zendoodle 101
Soldering 101
Resin 101 and Resin Workshop
PMC 101 and Workshop
Upcycled Jewelery Workshop
Metal Sampler
Mixed Media Mosaic Shadow Box


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