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Introduction to Encaustic with Naomi Haskell
Date 4/27/2017
Time 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location 176 Race Street
City San Jose
Description Encaustic uses wax, heat, and pigment to create a work of art or as a varnish. The term is derived from the Greek enkaustikos, to “burn in”. Encaustic refers to both the medium and the process. During this class we will discuss the equipemtn and tools required, managing the heating palete tempertaure and the various supports and materials you can use. I will show you how to use the medium, starting by prepping your board, applying the wax and paint, scraping to discover the layers of colorful wax, carving to define shapes, fun textures, taping for line and design and how to use various papers within this beautiful medium.
This is a three-hour class, with plenty of hands on practice for $66 (early registration), material included.

Encaustic is the most beautiful of all artists' medium. Because of its nature, however, you have to be willing to relinquish some element of control. The wax has a mind of it’s own, we can only learn to guide and manipulate it.

Whether you’re just starting out with encaustic painting or have been painting with this medium for years, my hope is that you pass on what you have learned. As our collective knowledge of this exciting medium expands, we all become its gurus and heralds.
Instructor Naomi Haskell
Price Normal Registration: $76, Starting 4/24/2017: $76

Online registration for Introduction to Encaustic with Naomi Haskell is closed. Please call 1(669)292-5001 to check for availability.
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