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Book Club: Acrylic Expressions (session 1)
Date 11/07/2017
Time 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location 176 Race Street
City San Jose
Description Book club is an in depth exploration of an artist's book. This time we have chosen Staci Swider's book "Acrylic Expressions"

Your artwork is your voice, as unique as your fingerprints, and Acrylic Expressions shows you to how to paint and express your authentic self.

Learn to create a consistent and individualized body of work through workshop-style instruction and creative prompts. Discover how to paint intuitively by uncovering meaningful personal symbols and distilling them into a visual vocabulary. Then combine your interpretation and personal inspiration as you use acrylic paints and other materials to create textural, expressive, abstract-style works of art.

Develop a signature painting style by discovering your own unique color palette. Find the source of your inspiration--childhood memories, folklore, the natural world--and create a personal library of symbols and marks to use to build complex and layered artworks.

Learn to take a common theme and apply it to a variety of compositional approaches to develop your own series of self-reflective paintings. Build intuitive art from scratch and learn to experiment with texture, color.

Projects will vary each week and will be directly out of the book. All supplies provided.

The lesson we will work on today is found on page 48-51 (Red Humbert)
Instructor Facilitated by Andrea
Price Normal Registration: $45, Starting 11/06/2017: $45

Online registration for Book Club: Acrylic Expressions (session 1) is closed. Please call 1(669)292-5001 to check for availability.
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