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The Joy of Acrylic Painting: Paint an Expressive Still Life(3)
Date 2/22/2018
Time 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location 176 Race Street
City San Jose
Description In a fun, instantly gratifying style, Gonzales combines the forgiveness of acrylics with the approachability of expressive painting. With special emphasis on the elements of color, pattern and texture, these lessons give you a jump-start on painting with feeling. If now is your time to pursue creative fulfillment, then this is the book to ease your way.

This week's session of bookclub comes from page 100, project 14. Working with a floral still-life picture we will play with phone applications like Prisma or Pikazo for inspiration. Bring a photo of a floral still life if you wish. We'll provide everything you need though.

We will provide watercolor paper for this project. Feel free to bring a canvas or purchase one here if you'd rather do the project on something more rigid.
Instructor Andrea Chebeleu
Price Normal Registration: $45, Starting 2/20/2018: $45
Registration closes 2/23/2018.
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