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Art Journaling - 6 Week Series
Dates 9/07/2017 - 10/12/2017
Time 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location 176 Race Street
City San Jose
Description In this series you will explore aspects of visual journaling.

VISUAL JOURNALING "Visual journaling is a creative way to express and record life's experiences, feelings, emotional reactions, or our inner world - visually and verbally. Essentially, visual journaling can become a potential key to the artmaking process.
Exploring our own thought process through visual journaling is essential in a world that is in a state of continuous change. Just as there are many ways to express oneself artistically, there are many ways to create visual journals. By committing to the visual journaling process, one can learn how to access his/her inner language of imagery and express it both visually and verbally, while exploring the connection between image and word. Through visual journaling one can also become capable of articulating connections between their own personal art-making experiences and the works of master and contemporary artists." - Michael Bell

This series is broken up into 6 lessons:
1. Color Confidence - Selecting and mixing colors
2. Motif - Handmade stencils, masks & stamps
3. Mediums - exploring paints, gels, gessos & pastes
4. Image & Line - transferring methods
5. Lettering - Hand drawn letters/words
6. Composition - exploring balance, white space, symmetry, repetition

Bring a journal (8x10 or 9x12 watercolor journal is preferred) and we will provide all the supplies you need.
Instructor Andrea Chebeleu
Price Normal Registration: $240
Frequency Weekly
Registration for Art Journaling - 6 Week Series is closed.
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