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“Remember that the craft and process can be learned but the creative

vision is yours to acquire.”

As both a teacher and a fine art photographer I truly believe this

quote speaks for me. My passion and experience for the art of

photography as a teacher spans more than thirty years at both the

high school and Adult Education Level. I graduated from San

Francisco State College and have also taken numerous classes at

San Jose State University, San Francisco Art Institute, Brooks

Institute of Photography, and Photography courses through the

University of California Extension program. I have exhibited and won

awards in competitions and shows throughout Northern California.

The Joy of Photography and taking pictures is ever changing, and

there is always something new to learn. It’s not just about the

equipment, but how you approach the subjects you wish to capture

that makes lasting memories. My hope is that you join me in one or

more of my classes and experience that Joy of Photography. My

approach to photography is both as an “Art” as well as a “Craft”.

Learning about light, where you stand, and how you compose the

shot makes the ordinary image truly special. Take the opportunity to

learn more about how your camera works and new ways of seeing

that will allow you to make pictures that tell the story you want told.

Steven Taddei


Digital Basics and Beyond

Night Photography, Capturing the Night (various locations in the valley)

New Class: Home Photography

New Class: Lighting Art Objects for the Web

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