Daily Creative Practice Journal 2023

Every year since 2014 I've created what I call my Daily Creative Practice Journal.  It is a simple and contained place for me to keep track of my creative practice through the year. 

One of the many things I love about the format I designed is that it is totally do-able.  There is one simple spread per week through the entire year to fill in.  The size of the spread is generally 7.5" tall by 9" wide.  That is it.

I get to choose each week how I will work in my journal.  Sometimes I create daily spaces to fill in with daily activities, sometimes I work on the whole spread as a simple art journal page, sometimes I print photos from what I was doing that week.

This process always produces a treasured collection of what my life looked like through the year.

Here is a flip through of my current 2022 journal showing the front covers of each of my monthly signatures.


You can join in the 2023 Daily Creative Practice Journal session coming up live on Zoom December 3 & 4.  The session will be recorded and placed in the Teachable Classroom after it has concluded.

Click here to join the course.

I have a limited number of kits available for those who love the convenience of all the supplies at  your fingertips.

You can find the kits here: https://aworkofheart.com/a/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage&options%5Bprefix%5D=last&q=daily+creative+practice

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