Living in Your Journal April Challenge

You may, like me, need a tiny touch of accountability in community to revitalize your creative practice now and again. You are welcome to join me for the next 13 days of April to do just that.  Please opt in (click the link) for the next 12 day's of email prompts and zoom links.  Read on to see the email I sent to the challenge takers earlier this morning.
I consider 'Living in" my journal simply filling the pages with color, words, pattern, thoughts, lists, drawing practice…pretty much anything.  I just know that flipping back through the pages that capture my current life in color and marks brings me a joy like no other.
Each day through the end of April I will email you a prompt to encourage you to get something on the pages of your selected journal.  I'm also inviting you to join me live on Zoom to sample some art journaling sessions.  
Your Prompt for Day 1:  Take a photo of part of your morning routine and document it in your journal.  Here is a photo of how I did that yesterday.
My Morning Routine
This can be as simple as drawing your cup of coffee or chosen beverage in your favorite mug.  I like to lay things out and take a top down photograph to draw from.  Don't get to worked up over your ability or inability to draw.  I break things down to simple shapes and add a few details and it is amazing how we can capture the essence of something when we try.
Share your photo and/or your journal page on Instagram and use the hashtag #livinginyourjournal
Our schedule for the remainder of the month looks like this. (all times are listed in the Pacific Time Zone)
Monday, April 17 - Live Zoom Co-Working Hour 4:30pm 
Tuesday, April 18 - Under the Influence Art Journaling Session 2-3:30pm
Wednesday, April 19 - Under the Influence Art Journaling Session 10-11:30am
Monday, April 24 - Live Zoom Co-Working Hour 4:30pm
Tuesday, April 25 - Under the Influence Art Journaling Session 2-3:30pm
Wednesday, April 26 - Under the Influence Art Journaling Session 10-11:30am
Each day I will send an email with a prompt and a photo on how I implemented the prompt.

There is no charge to participate live in the challenge and I hope to see you in one or more of the sessions. 
All of the live classes (excluding the co-working hour) will be recorded and added to the Watch.Learn.Play. membership. You can find out about joining  here.
My Journals
These are the two journals I'll be living in through the challenge.  My Daily Creative Practice Journal measures 7.5x9.5 when open and my Daily Creative Everything Journal measures 11x14 when open.  You are welcome to use whatever journal you have that works for you.  Pick one (or two like me) and commit to living on the pages with me.

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