Why I Despise the whole "Black Friday" thing and my plans to finish 2023 strong with a "Final 23" project.

You may have noticed I tend to take a "Non-Participant" role for "Black Friday Blah Blah Blah".  I tend to have very negative feelings associated with the aggressive consumeristic vibe associated with this so I've chosen to personally stay a silent by standing observer.  This year however, I've tried to put my personal feelings aside and offer a "Black Friday/Small Business Saturday" 23% off sale in the San Jose location as well as online.

Please enjoy a site wide 23% discount from Friday through Sunday, November 24-26, 2023.

Now, back to what LIGHTS ME UP! My traditional FINAL 23 will begin on December 1 and I'm all abuzz about it.

Daily Creative Method

For the first 12 days of December I will create a Mixed Media 2024 Calendar Page-a-Day which will become my 2024 Calendar graphics.  I've been dreaming of what my 2024 calendar would be and this is the most exciting thing I could think of making for a final 23 project this year.

How can you play along with me at home?  

Free:  Watch my daily Instagram Reel which will share a "fast forward" (2 min or so) version of the complete short video lesson.

$37: Gain access to the Daily Creative Course AND follow up with a 23 minute lesson daily for 12 consecutive days.  Each lesson will guide you using my Mixed Media Prompts to create a Monthly Calendar Background for my 2024 Calendar.

We follow the first 12 days of December with 11 more days of creative re-use of the artsy backgrounds of the first 12 days.  

Click here to join the Daily Creative AND participate in the Final 23 course beginning December 1 with daily pre-recorded content added to a classroom you have access to through the end of January 2024.

 Happy Friday!


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