2024 WLP Dot Card/Tin Combo

SKU: 18046
2024 WLP Dot Card/Tin Combo

2024 WLP Dot Card/Tin Combo

SKU: 18046
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Take your watercolor on the go in any journal you like. These genrous dot cards contain Daniel Smith Extrafine Watercolors in the selected colors for the 2024 year in the Watch.Learn.Play. membership. This is a limited edition set

Also included are Dot filled slide tins Yellow Column includes:
Yellow Ochre
Azo Yellow
Cad Yel Med Hue
Cad Yel Light Hue
Hansa Yellow Light
Indian Yellow
Lemon Yellow
New Gamboge
Nickle Azo Yellow
Raw Sienna
Naples Yellow
Hansa Yellow Deep

Red Column includes:
Quin Magenta
Quin Rose
Pyrrol Orange
Rose Madder
Pyrrol Red
Cad Red Med Hue
Transparent Red Oxide
Deep Scarlet
Alzarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna
Organic Vermilion

Blue Column includes:
Phthalo Green (bs)
Cobalt Turquoise
Prussian Blue
Cerulean Blue
Phthalo Turquoise
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue Chromium
Prussian Green
Indanthrone blue
Maganese Blue Hue
Cobalt Blue
Phthalo Blue (gs)

Made on demand and orders take 2 days to process before shipping.

You may wonder, "How much watercolor is this? How much could I paint with it?" That is a very subjective question but the way I paint would yeild a small watercolor journal, dozens of post cards or a pad(12 sheets) of 9x12 watercolor paper.

These dots are generous portions for sampling colors. They are laid on Watercolor Paper and can be cut to fit one of Andrea's Hitchhiker Journals made from 11x14 paper.
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